How to Draw Faces

How to Draw Faces

Many of you artists have troubles with many aspects of drawing/art. You all should know that when drawing a celebrity, comes a challenge of the angles, and proportions. To professional master angles, and proportions, you simply use a technique of which we artist call “The Grid.” There are two types of grids that I like to use in “Real Time Artwork.” I call one “The Area Grid.” The Area Grid is used to draw parts of a drawing proportionally, and evenly. Example is shown below of an Area Grid, for those who are having troubles understanding the method.

How to Draw Al Pacino's Face

As you can see; the Area Grid breaks down parts of the drawing into small pieces. This method helps you easily draw by only drawing parts within the squares. The next method that I will explain is a method called “The Angular Grid.” The Angular Grid says it all. When drawing an angled scene, or face – I tend to use the Angular Grid to help with the angles. The Angular Grid contains the Area Grid, as well. This helps you with complex angles, and proportions. Below is an example of an Angular Grid.

Angular Grid Example

Each line has to meet with each side of the face’s direction. This helps you draw the proper position of an angled face. Let us continue with another tip. When drawing faces, be sure to use “Basic Guidelines.” Basic Guidelines will help you with drawing parts of the face (Eyes, nose, etc.) evenly, and correctly. Below is an example of using guidelines.

Guidelines Example

If you are still lost, then maybe some videos from YouTube will help you. I also recommend a set of tutorials that I found on the website. You can view all face tutorials, here: How to Draw Faces. They are quite helpful, and along with the video, below. One video will show you how to draw a female face, and the other will show you ways of drawing a male face. Good luck, you are welcome, and thank you for visiting. Be sure to share this site. It is a great directory of drawing stars tutorials from around the web. Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever; all are good – along with others websites (Your own :D ) Anyway; goodbye, and good luck with drawing faces :)

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