How to Draw John Lennon

How to Draw John Lennon

Who loves “The Beatles?” I do! Here is John Lennon, the lead singer of that very band. Every artist, at least once, drew John Lennon realistically, or at least drew him. Luckily I have found an awesome drawing video on YouTube that shows you the way of drawing Mr.Lennon. It is quite popular, and I would not be surprised if you have seen it, already. I have created a grid guide, as well. If you want to draw his face, and have proportion problems, then I recommend you to take a look at the grid guide. Have fun :D

I am glad that you liked the video, hopefully xD Below is the grid guide to help you draw John Lennon’s face. I also found a great tutorial on the web that teaches you how to draw John Lennon, here: How to Draw John Lennon. Good luck, and you are welcome :)

How to Draw John Lennon's Face

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