How to Draw Michael Jackson


“Billie Jean”! Michael Jackson, the one who sadly past away, but we still love him because he’s right here how to draw! See Michael, we all still love you. Haha, so like always, little steps below.

1. Draw a round circle and the guidelines.

2. Draw in his eyes, nose and mouth and his teeth.

3. He once did have curly long hair but when he was alive, today he had long straight hair, so make either long curly hair strand lines or straight.

4. Sketch his face.

5. Picture above shows you why you should add detail and some definition lines, to make him look realistic!

Even better steps at: Dragoart- Draw Michael Jackson

Awesome video here and good luck to you!


2 comments to How to Draw Michael Jackson

  • Ghazal  says:

    I’m a 14 year old girl from iran. Everyone tell that my painting is very good, I can pain every thing in 10 mins. But I don’t know why I can’t paint michael’s face, I’ve painted his body 30 times & they are all on my wall, but I don’t know what is my problem with his face. SOS :( (

  • Dan  says:

    Where are you having troubles when painting Michael Jackson, Ghazal?

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